Painting pebbles - An endless canvas beach

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A canvas ... offered absolutely free to the beaches, waiting for children to create and parents to remember the peace of mind of their own childhood summers. Most of us have experimented during our childhood with creations on pebbles. We were looking for hours on the beach the best, the most white and smooth stone to paint. It's time for our children. See, however, some ideas that may not have thought about real masterpieces!
Magnets for the fridge
Choose smaller and lighter stones. Paint or draw the letters on them. Glue on one side and a magnet to decorate your fridge. The secret is in the size of the stone.
Useful items for home
The idea is the site of Martha Stewart. Paint and glue the stones to create useful items for the home such as a bookends or a stop for the door or, even more simply, a presse papier.
Learn How to Read and Write, Son
Even painting the stones can be an opportunity for learning through play. Paint the stones the numbers and letters, and then engage in an impromptu scrabble or promathimatikon games.
All animals of the forest
There is nothing more fun for children than to paint animals. The secret here is to find stones into shape. The oblong stone, for example, can be smelt and more round turtle. You can use crafting tools, such as eyes, wings and cleaner pipe to tail.
For younger children
For younger children who still experimenting with painting, it is advisable to find as large stones possible. For best result, young children may prefer to draw with a pen, not a brush, not so easily controlled. You also need to first draw the outline of the image you want to create and then ask the child to the paint.
Monsters, mouse, little people ... everything can create their own hands, with a few craft materials and your own guidance. Get the necessary, glue, buttons, sequins, boxes, wire pipe cleaner and ... let the great things!
love messages
Imagine the time you lie in your bed and you will find under the pillow one stone painted with an enormous heart. Moment invaluable. Give children and smooth white stones and tell them to write (if you can) or paint their own messages.