Terms and Conditions

PAYMENTS: The payment of each sale period is reported in the respective invoice or written agreement between the Company and Customer. If the payment deadline is exceeded, the Customer acknowledges that the Company will charge default interest (until full payment). No payment is recognized without print a receipt of the Company or cash deposit into a bank account of the company. In case the Company agreed to receive checks of the Customer or its customers, this amount is credited to the Customer tab only temporarily, until the collection of the check, otherwise the amount that impairs not the debt.

DELIVERY: The Customer acknowledges that because of the nature of the goods may be deviating from those referred to in each commercial correspondence delivery dates and waives any claim. All deliveries are Ex Works unless agreed otherwise in writing.

LOADING-TRANSPORT: Solely responsible for the loading and stowage of goods for transport is the customer and the carrier that he has chosen. The products are transported for the account and risk of the Customer. For wear, damage, loss or damage that may occur during transport on products or their packaging and also accidents, which caused

during transport of the load due to any factor, the carrier or to third parties, no liability by the Company, it is for the Customer the security of transport in an insurance company in terms of choice.

CONTROL AND REFUNDS: Any challenge of the Customer on the quantity of the delivered products will only be accepted at the time of receipt by the facilities of the Company and not after the departure of the transport.

Any Customer doubts as to the quality, packaging or any other characteristics of goods accepted for review by the Company and only as long as made in writing within three days of receipt of the goods and in any case prior to use. Returns are accepted only after a written agreement with the Company, not later than 15 days from the date of receipt, and the returned goods should be in the same condition as originally delivered. Since the Company products are mainly raw materials of any product variations will take the Client on the color, dimensions, thickness, hardness and generally all of their characteristics in relation to the possible sampling has been made or the photo material and written descriptions of the Company or otherwise, is accepted by the Client without any claim for compensation or right of return.

SAVE-USE PRODUCT-PLACEMENT. Customer is solely responsible for the appropriateness of product storage and the Company assumes no responsibility for any damage to products or their packaging caused by the sun, cooling, temperature, moisture or any other factor. Customer is solely responsible for the way you use the products. The safety of use is exclusively the responsibility and custody of client and the end user. The Customer must draw the attention of anyone who deal with product placement for that species welding (glue, cement, grout etc.) Which may be used should be appropriate, because it may cause corrosion, stains and various other damage to products if they are suitable or not properly used. The Customer acknowledges that the Company products are mainly made of natural materials and has thereby suffered natural erosion over time. For the installation of the products must be observed all laws and regulations applicable in each country and certainly the guidance of a special workshop that the end user will select. The safety of installation and use is exclusively the responsibility and custody of client and the end user. Where and how to use the products only choice and responsibility of the Customer and the end user.

Colors are the pics are endyktikes, because they are natural products and can have deviations.

CUSTOMER INFORMATION: Under the 2472/97, the Company maintains personal customer data to which he has access under the law, compelled to inform even those the Company in any case change.

Force majeure: In transactions between the Company and the Customer the exemption rules apply force majeure, as applicable and interpreted.

COMPETENT : For any dispute arising from or in connection with the sales of products to the customer, exclusive jurisdiction of the courts of Thessaloniki