About GE.MA.

The GEMA company is a family business with years of experience in production. For 15 years ,we are engaged in the production and trade of pebbles , colored pebbles and mosaics , antique stones , strokes ( plaques on the lawn , ) stones for tealights (candles )in Greece but mostly by wholesale exports abroad, in large chain stores.
 This is in fact the purpose of our company .

Our Greek websites are as follows :www.votsala-gr.webnode.gr and www.dadia-webnode.gr.
In recent years we have expanded to the production of ecological firestarters , harmless to the user and the environment that include all the necessary markings . Its cost is very low , which in design with other advantages , makes it highly competitive in the market.
The firestarters we produce are 100 % natural, chemical-free ,with natural smell ,eco-friendly and completely harmless in the mouth and skin due to the fact that they are impregnated with natural oil .Many times the raw material is colored on the one side , because it is painted with ecological watercolor  , a material completely safe , which makes it more attractive. They have the form of thin sticks , approximately 8cm length and 2cm width .
The product is used as a spark plug and as a firestarter .It is suitable for use in fireplaces, stoves and barbeque.
Easy switching ,takes 3-5 seconds in contact with flame to ignite (so ,it becomes a  product safe for children) ,
and the combustion takes about 2-4 minutes when operating as a spark plug , and 8-12 minutes when operating as firestarter .
Our product complies with the European standard EN 1860-3 "appliances, solid fuels and firestarters for barbecuing" and thanks to the innovation, the ecological features and its low price ( almost 1/3 compared to other products in the market ) has become popular in the world and has been placed in large chains of Greece such as“Leroy Merlin”, “Jumbo”, “Vasilagas” , “Ellinika market”, “Arista”etc .
The packages available are:
Bag of 50 pieces ,
Bag of 200 pieces and
Box of 100 pieces .
In addition, many of our clients buy the product in a big bag in order to pack it with their private label.
The main objective of the company is to cooperate with large chain stores abroad, through wholesalers or other channels that supply them with products.